25th anniversary, Piet Hoogeveen

InterShoot, a match with international air.

The ‘Stichting InterShoot’ will be organising their annual match for Air Rifle and Air Pistol for no less than the 25th time in 2002, the match having grown over the years into a well-known event with an international air, it being an established concept in and beyond the European shooting community. From all over the world competitors report their presence for this event that traditionally is being held in the city that is home to our government, The Hague. The organising committee of the Stichting InterShoot deserves a big compliment with the status this match has.

The Stichting InterShoot has proven to be very successful in integrating the innovative developments in the shooting sport into their own match. Electronic targeting, but also facilities that make shooting matches attractive for the spectators, are but good examples.

The participation by KSNA related officials and shooters could leave the impression that InterShoot is a match organised and run by the KNSA. I would like to emphasize that the Stichting InterShoot is completely standing on their own feet with the organisation of this great international event, although, of course, the KNSA has a warm interest and a willingness to support where and when needed.

I wish to congratulate the Stichting with her silver anniversary and wish her all the success, now and in the future, with the organisation of this match that contributes to a large extent to the positive image the shooting sport has in the Netherlands.

Piet Hoogeveen,
Chairman KNSA