25th anniversary, InterShoot 2002

2002, the 25th InterShoot

For the 25th anniversary of InterShoot many of the long standing InterShoot-ers wrote a little story. The stories where published on a special anniversary CD that was handed out to all involved in the 2002 InterShoot. In the menu on the right you will find all the stories that were published at the time, alphabetically listed by their respective authors.

Below is the original introduction to the CD.


This book is a collection of stories and impressions of a large variety of people from the world of shooting sport. Coaches, trainers, shooters and helpers have helped in putting this book together.

The intention is to give an overview of the 25 years on the international shooting match InterShoot-Den Haag.

Why 25 times and not 25 years? It all started in 1977 under the management of “Stek” Geerts and this is 2002, which means 26 years, so are we a year late?
However, after the organization of the European Championships in 1982 we decided not to host the event in 1983. Hence the 25 times.

I would like to thank everyone for his/her contribution to this book. Without all of you this book would not have existed.

I would like to thank three people specifically (and I know this is dangerous, as one easily tends to forget someone) for their extra effort to help realize this book.

For all the translation from German to Dutch and Dutch to German, Frits Hooiberg, for the translation from all sorts of things from and to English (and thanks to his enthusiasm even to French) Ronald de Vos. Also Bob van Ommen deserves a pat on the shoulder. His professional skills to create good and clear photographs from old and dark pictures of which even the negatives didn’t exist anymore, is superb.

I wish you lots of reading pleasure and expect to be able to welcome you for many times to come at InterShoot-Den Haag.

John Speetjens